NECO is a premier supplier of couplings and industrial equipment accessories. With our focus on crafting and shipping only quality products, we have maintained a reputation for quality first for over 100 years.

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Robert Collier

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William Webb
Quality Control MGR.

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Our History

NECO Advantage

Distributor Relationship

At NECO we believe that every distributor relationship we have matters. It is our duty to cultivate our distributor relationships in order to set the standard for our industry as a whole.

Quality First

The driving force for every product that we ship is our commitment to quality. We strive for setting the industry standard by inspecting every product twice over.

Competitive Pricing

Here at NECO we believe that in order for us to be successful our distributors and customers must be successful. To assist in this we continually monitor our competition to ensure that buying from NECO gives you the most value per dollar.

Innovative Change

NECO understands that technology & industries are ever-changing. Therefore we continually analyze the different industries we serve to ensure that we meet industry demand and that all NECO products have a positive impact in those industries.

Flexible Manufacturing

NECO has developed a flexible manufacturing sourcing model which provides us the ability to move manufacturing and tooling as economics of markets shift without any degradation of product quality.


NECO is located approximately 80 miles from the Port of Houston. This location provides the infrastructure and shipping routes to best optimize operational channels with overseas manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.